Monday, September 10, 2012

Local Wildlife: Love Jules Leather Co.

On our recent west coast buying trip Josh and Jules from Love Jules Leather were kind enough to invite us into their workshop and let us take a look around. The Love Jules Leather Workshop is located in beautiful Whistler, BC. Here Josh and Jules handcraft one of a kind leather shoes and other unique leather products. It is clear that their inspiration comes from the beautiful environment that surrounds them in Whistler, and is channelled through to their designs.  They aim to blow minds, and they have. Their success has snowballed since they first started 5 years ago including a on-going collaboration with Sitka (another Canadian company we love). You will find their boat shoes and other exciting products soon on our online boutique!

Below are some pictures we snapped on our visit to their Whistler workshop. Hope you enjoy this sneak peek into their world and they just joined instagram @lovejulesleathr..follow them for daily inspiration!

Pendleton fabric for daze! Many of their shoe designs feature mixed materials, and hand-drawn art making them each truly unique!

The Guns are boss!


We are super excited to work with this talented duo! Stay tuned for our unique Love Jules Leather selection (very soon) !!

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