Thursday, June 23, 2016

Festival Wild

Festival Wild features the wildness of the wilderness and inspired by festival season, combining the vibes of both in some of our latest looks, and introducing new Brand Partner Stillwater,  beautiful basics and not so basic skirts and dresses to take you on all the best and most wild fest adventures. 
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Model : Jasmine Lorimer @jazlor1 

Stay wild moon dancers. xx

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Sisters of the Sun

We chased the sunset and the coast line capturing the light and beauty of these two magical sisters, Megs (Porcheron) and Krissy Pischke 

With some of our latest arrivals in tow, from Flynn Skye sun dresses and kimono's, new Pendleton hats, to new WH Activelife for yoga and everyday with our store exclusive 
Daisy Dreams Leggings by local brand Pokosha and looks from new brand partner Alo Yoga;  
to vintage-camp-vibe outfits by new LA made brand Gypsy Heart >> 
all easy to throw on to get out there and explore and relax! 

It was a truly magical evening of adventure exploring some places you can only get to by boat. 
Evenings like this are what summer is made of!  Grab your sister, or bestie and chase the sun!!
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Also check out Megs yoga and wellness retreats and all her amazing projects here >> 

Special Thanks Jimmy at Kaotic Adventure.

Sister hangs are the best hangs!! xxoo

Monday, June 6, 2016

Summer Edit - Wandering Gypsy.

You win again you gyspy heart, I count the days that we're apart, I sleep alone when you're away, no sense in saying I'd wish you stay ... You come and go just like the rain. - Elton John

New summer looks to inspire you to wander like a gypsy. Go where the wind takes you and be ready for anything this summer in gorgeous new dresses, rompers, tops and accessories, 
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Model - Maddi MacDonald

Film // Digital photography - Neve Petersen, Free Burds Photography

Location - Off the grid. Squamish.