Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Wild & Heart X Mizulife Water Bottles #WHACTIVELIFE

Raising the peace sign on the top of 'The Chief'! Feeling the wind in our faces after a good burn up the first peak of The Chief in our hometown, Squamish, B.C. 

Hiking is one of the main activities that attracts people to our wonderful home. The Chief is the big rock face that you see as soon as you enter Squamish, either from north or south, making it the most popular hike in our area. It is a definite must do hike for the spectacular views of our whole corridor. 

Our new Wild & Heart X Mizulife Water Bottles were inspired by our active life that we enjoy everyday in Squamish, with The Chief being our backyard (literally its our view behind our store) is a huge part of why we opened a store here so we incorporated it into our design! Each water bottle comes with a black lid, as well as a glow in the dark lid, which is perfect for the hiking and camping season around the corner. Come visit us and get out there,  hike the mountains, and drink the wild air!

Water Bottle Logo Designer 
>> Nadine Nevitt <<

Wild & Heart x Mizu Water Bottles in-store and online HERE <<<

Friday, March 11, 2016

The Zen Den

Film Photographer

Névé Petersen


Jessica Braidwood

    Spring has sprung, and its the perfect time to get 'zenned' out. This amazing little Zen Den is tucked away in Whistler, B.C. Get your morning meditation in with beautiful mountains views, and enjoy the sounds of classic rock records. 
    Zen Den's create a space to restore energy and find your inner peace, where creation and inspiration grow. Taking time to relax your mind and focus on yourself and what you love is key to success. We loved spending the day shooting in this dream haven. 

Looks available in store, Deer Leggings available here