Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Buying Season: wild times and building dreams...

A few weeks back we went on our first buying adventure and attended a couple of tradeshows; Canada's Know?Show and Sin City's Magic. It was nice to attend Know?Show and use it as a bit of a warm-up before Magic. There we got to see a lot of talented Canadian lines which we are very excited to share with everyone shortly. Look for them soon in our store opening!

Lots to look forward to for Spring 2013, and you can shop (soon) assured we try all the style SAMPLES on at the tradeshows to make sure they are amazing for you:)!!
(especially sick suede caps from Lifetime)

Half our team made it on the know style blog on knowshow site in her amazing paisley skirt!
Next, we head to Las Vegas, the ultimate adult playground, for the Magic tradeshow. We immediately hit the pool for some hard work...;)


I’m not sure if it was the sun and heat of the desert or the fact that we had been up since 5am (for our flight) or maybe it was the combination of both, but either way the next day certainly was a write-off. We managed to register and that is it. Moral of the story, we always have a good time!

Day 3, Tuesday, was a full day.  We had mainly scheduled ourselves for seminars all day, but in between each we had about 30 to 60 minute breaks and we were running around checking out new lines, setting up appointments for the next day to review brands lines and so on... 12 hours later we finally had a glass of wine and a chance to get horizontal.

Day 4, was yet another busy 12 hour day.  We met with a few new brands and designers, such as the Stone Cold Fox, and a few more yet to be released. Today was also crazy because there was a serious rain storm, and flash flooding, the hotels had water dripping from the ceilings and windows, who knew it could rain so hard in the desert!
Day 5, it was our last day here and we had a few more appointments and lines to review.  Almost ended up in the hospital as a clothing rack fell over and cut the back of my (Diane's) leg open.  I didn't know shopping was so dangerous! But in the end, we both made it home safe.


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