Thursday, December 20, 2012

nature X fashion: winter white

It seems that snow has finally landed all over Canada for the winter, so it only seems fitting to do a nature X fashion based on this beautiful white canvas we get gifted with every year around the holidays!

Hope everyone has a great holiday and see you all in the new year! 

xx Wild + Heart Girls xx

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Urban Cabin Highlight Reel

We had such a great time at our Pop-up Shop a couple weeks back. The day was filled with friends, guests and now lots of new friends! Below is a highlight of some of the awesomeness that happened that day and our lovely guests getting styled in Wild + Heart. 



++ Special thanks to everyone that came out to hang for the day and shop! and thanks to all our friends that stayed and helped us run the event (Monica, Danielle, Meghan, and Jake) ++

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Urban Cabin Popshop by Wild + Heart: Dec 1st, TORONTO !

An ‘Urban Cabin’ Holiday POPSHOP + PHOTOSHOOT
DEC 1st, 62 Fraser Ave {Liberty Village} Toronto, 12-8pm

OPEN TO ALL: More the Merrier!

Wild and Heart, the new online lifestyle and fashion boutique will host their first pop-shop December 1st, 2012. This will be a one-day only event and is open to the public and media. It will be held in trendy Liberty Village, Toronto, Ontario from 12pm to 8pm. Wild and Heart is creating an ‘urban cabin’ themed event to kick start the holiday season. They are helping their customers escape the bustling city malls and streets in exchange for an afternoon of casual shopping with friends, all the while snacking on sweet treats! Wild and Hearts most current holiday collection will be featured at the event along with some new designers and vintage waiting to be displayed. The Wild and Heart girls have arranged for a photographer to attend the event to make sure it is a memorable experience for every attendee; there will be a live and interactive photo shoot happening throughout the day. Each guest will have the opportunity to model in the clothes or accessories that they purchase. Don’t worry if you are on a tight budget these holidays, because Wild and Heart has some great giveaways going on throughout the day that every guest has a chance to win just for showing up! Be sure to save the date because this ‘urban cabin’ is one-day only and an event you won’t want to miss.

See you Dec 1st in this amazing event space!!

Event Location: 62 Fraser Ave, Liberty Village,  Toronto, NOON- 8PM

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Local Wildlife: Lucky 14 Handmade


Why Lucky 14? I thought the same thing and it was the first question I asked Beatriz upon meeting her last week. The name has been a work in progress for a number of years and continues to be a constant influence in her life. It's just one of the those weird and unexplained reoccurring things (in her case a number) that seems to appear everywhere. Lucky 14 Handmade is an amazing collection of knit scarves and accessories. Beatriz, the designer and founder of the Lucky 14, is self taught/her sister-in-law originally taught her. She has since evolved and creates her own beautiful patterns and designs. Her inspiration often comes from her hometown of Vancouver, BC (which you might notice in the names of her knits). She sources her yarn and wools from the internet looking for the finest quality there is... and trust me it is amazing!! I have just recently made my first purchase from Lucky 14, buying the Gullywasher Eternity Scarf in the WINE (# 4) colourway and it did not disappoint... I may never take it off! To view our selection of Lucky 14 Handmade scarves and accessories just click HERE.  You can pick from the amazing colour palette, and there's lots of amazing options!! P.S.Look for more styles coming soon as well !

baby alpaca wool + words won't do this justice + honestly one of the softest materials i've ever felt

+ yarn for days +
wooden buttons she has custom made and laser engraved

a cat's dream house... unlimited yarn balls! 

pillows made from baby alpaca yarn

the gullywasher scarf + one of the Lucky 14 knits we carry in the boutique + colour; wine

++ more fabulous eternity scarves ++

where the magic happens ++ right from the comfort of her couch!

++ just me, loving my Gullywasher scarf ++