Sunday, April 3, 2016

WH Active Life : Eco-Friendly Yoga Leggings



Megan Pischke
Isa May

Let's chant the Om mantra and bring ourselves to this magical, green Costa Rican garden with the incredible Megan Pischke and Isa May. Yoga is a grounding practice that helps us connect our mind and bodies. This is the perfect sanctuary to stretch and feel the earth around us. 

Megan Pischke is a yoga teacher, a professional snowboarder, avid surfer and a breast cancer survivor. An inspirational woman to us all. Every year Megan hosts a yoga retreat in Costa Rica; Chasing Waterfalls. If you have the chance to go, it will be a sacred experience. 

Chasing Waterfalls Yoga Retreat HERE <<<

Everything in our universe is vibrating and pulsating, nothing is standing still. Our new vibrant eco-friendly leggings are just what you need to stay active and look good. There is an endless array of graphics and colours, so you can find exactly what suits you! Each pair is made from approximately seven recycled plastic bottles and the materials are completely wicking. These leggings are perfect for a hot yoga class, hiking, going dancing, or fun to dress up in your day to day life. 

Shop our eco-friendly Aimee Leggings Pegasus legging and more designs HERE <<< 

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