Monday, May 27, 2013

Ranch Dreams: Featuring Kelly & Zena

Ranch dreams was shot on a beautiful ranch in the interior of BC. Kelly and Zena were a amazing to shoot together as Zena has been Kel's companion since she was born, and has trained her, and spends many hours every week with her.  This location was insanely dreamy with beautiful fields, and Western village built by the owners, its truly a magical place. Huge Thanks to Kelly and Zena for sharing Zena's (and Honeymoon's) beautiful ranch and home. xx

{Please note we used the native headpiece for artistic expression, and by no means intend to offend or disregard our beautiful native culture we have in Canada}

Dress: Pinkstitch Moroccan Dreams, available here
Model: Kelly Shepherd, Horses- Zena, Honeymoon
Location: Secret Ranch

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