Saturday, February 2, 2013

Road Trip Photo Diary

Last week we packed up our warehouse and office in Ontario and headed west... the final destination Vancouver, British Columbia! Our hearts have always been on the west coast near the mountains and ocean, so it made sense to relocate and move our Head Quarters. It's only been a week since we got here and already we feel more inspired... we cannot wait to share the new projects we have planned for 2013 with everyone. Below is a collection of the images we captured of the 5 day drive to Vancouver.

Goodbye Ontario

The lovely log cabin Motel we stayed at in Wawa... still in Ontario

White-out road conditions and Wonderland Sun Love

Inukshuks lined the rocky roads

Beautiful sunset over the frozen lake in Kenora, ON

Silos for days... driving through the prairies

In the prairies.. more flat land and more hay

Besides the rough weather we encountered on the drive, this road trip was tons of fun and we cannot wait to do another... Hope you enjoyed the pics! xx Sarah + Diane xx

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