Monday, October 1, 2012

Local Wildlife: Justine Brooks Jewelry

Justine Brooks is an super talented jewelry designer based in Vancouver, BC. She is originally from Toronto, but made the move a few years ago to Vancouver and was immediately taken with everything the west coast of Canada has to offer.  Her jewelry is not only reflective of her Canadian roots but also of her worldly travels. She creates beautifully detailed and classic designs mainly with cool 'found in nature' motifs. She has spent time in the Middle East, East Africa, Asia and India studying traditional jewelry design and metal techniques. We look forward to featuring her line in our 'local wildlife' section on Wild and Heart (launching very soon and in time for gift giving time)! Here is a sneak-peek of her amazing designs and her inspiration from some of her travels: 


  1. Judi Wolf
    I’m flattened for your blogs writings and blogs as well.

  2. Wow Great! Love your wildlife new designer jewellery. I really like your creativity in jewelry.

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