Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Squamish Local.

Squamish is blossoming fast. 

We opened our doors here almost 5 years ago, and we have been growing with this amazing town,  but especially in the last year it feels like the town is bursting with new faces, amazing energy, great new businesses, and new folks making Squamish home.  

We don't blame people wanting to move here either. Opening a store here happened by chance, came for a Chief hike, had lunch at Zephyr,  explored downtown and saw our cute retail space, and it just felt like home so overnight literally moved our entire lives here, and everyday fall more in love with this town, the people, and the endless beauty and adventures.  We were drawn here because of the lifestyle of mountain living, and wilderness inspiration offering an endless backdrop for exploring, shooting content and lookbooks.  

Our stores'  home here has blossomed because of the community of creative souls; photographers, models, our shop dreamteam, and our customers that have inspired our store daily! 

Our 'Squamish Local' shoot is aimed to capture Downtown Squamish in the moment, as its changing fast, and all the character of our growing mountain town may change soon too. We may miss these simple and familiar 'everyday' things one day, but also love the new energy, new faces and businesses coming to town too. 

So lets keep living in the moment, growing our amazing community,  and sharing our love for the Squamish lifestyle. 

We asked our original Squamish local muse and model (pictured) Meg Sayle to share what it was like Growing up in Squamish? How has it changed? and Her favourite local spots in Squamish? 

As I get older, I realize how truly lucky I am to have grown up in Squamish. The natural beauty of the mountains, the truly fresh air, the magical forests, the ocean at our doorstep. 
It may be hard to believe now, with the rate it's booming, but it definitely was a cozy, small town! Everybody knew everyone and their grandma. We used to have to travel to Vancouver if we wanted to shop at Walmart!
I used to get bored with how small our town was, but now as I watch it grow and change before my eyes I realize just how much I miss how simple, familiar and little it was. But, it also makes me proud to be able to say I'm a true Squamish local as the interest for it expands. 

Some of my favourite spots downtown are Oryzae for the best sushi, The Green Moustache for an amazing vegan dessert or a smoothie, and Be Clean Naturally for natural, handmade goods to care for your body and home. And of course, my family at Wild and Heart for bringing free-spirited-yet-chic style to the 'outdoor recreation capital of Canada!

No matter how much Squamish grows, in my heart it will forever be my beautiful little hometown and I am so grateful to have danced, played, loved and lived under the glory of The Chief.


Model : Meg Sayle @megsayle

Don't change too fast Squamish. <3

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